The theme of the LaGuardia Community College visit is Understanding the Experience of a College Student. Students will learn about the different choices and pathways they can take to attend college. They can choose between a storytelling activity that will ask them to create a future college student, or learn more about the field of Epidemiology. Both workshops aim to expand students’ knowledge of the steps they can take to prepare for college.

Common Core Standards: W.6.3.b, W.7.3.b, W.8.3.b, W.6-12.3, MS-ESS3-2, 6-8.RST.3, 6-8.RST.4

Please Note: CUNY Explorer tours are open to all middle school students 6th through 8th grade as well as CBOs who serve middle school students. 

Reserve only the number of visits needed for your school's middle school enrollment.

Campus Coordinator Contact information
| Denzil Rodriguez