Middle School Visit Description: At LaGuardia Community College, students will learn about our campus’ focus on preparing students to become vital assets in their communities. Students will learn about college through a virtual campus tour, or participate in an activity that will ask them to shape their future college students. As a college dedicated to giving back to the community, students will learn about the efforts that Visit Guides have taken in their college journey. Students will leave the session with a better understanding of LaGuardia Community College and its commitment to students.

Common Core Standards: W.6.3.b, W.7.3.b, W.8.3.b, W.6-12.3, MS-ESS3-2, 6-8.RST.3, 6-8.RST.4

High School Workshop Description: In the Exploring College Majors & Careers workshop, students will learn about different college majors and career options. Visit Guides share their experiences choosing their majors and minors, the specifics of their fields of study, and their future career choices. Students will also hear about many majors and careers that they may not be familiar with.

Reserve only the number of visits needed for your school's enrollment.

Campus Coordinator Contact information
| Denzil Rodriguez